Preparations for exhibitions and fairs from 1983
ITALSTAND has the numbers, the numbers tell Because our work. In one year we have set up 25.000 square meters of stands at over 100 events, and our trucks have covered 420,000 km in 7 Countries, over 400 projects for a total of 1.200 drawings, 10.320 tons of materials handled, with 4.540 linear feet of PVC for written and 15.600 square feet of carpet.

Quality and experience for your productions

Over twenty-five years of experience in the field of exhibitions and fairs allow us to propose ideas and solutions with high quality and reliability.

Our internal organization and network of professionals we work with allow us to provide personalized and innovative work, evidenced by the creation of over 400 construction projects for exhibitions and fairs in a year: efficiency, timeliness and professionalism.

The strategic choice of ITALSTAND is to create internal operational services, basic construction for each project: design, carpentry, logistics and assembly process thus becomes a smooth, efficient, coordinated by our service responsible for ensuring compliance of time, the required quality and within budget.

In addition, a network of excellent professionals, we work with for years, allows us to support our clients in every phase of design and operation of the event: from concept to the study of lighting services to the exhibition, we can ensure the reliability of our partners and the full integration of their responsibilities within the project construction.

ITALSTAND is a company made ​​up of people who every day are put into play, with passion, dedication and attention to detail to be always up to expectations. Our people, our organization, our sense of responsibility are our mark of quality.

ITALSTAND -Central Management Chiuduno (BG), via Pizzo Camino 47 - Tel. +39 035 4427228 | Fax. +39 035 4427225 | e-mail:
  • Organization and internal control for all phases of operation
  • Two offices located in strategic areas of the logistic Peninsula
  • Installation teams are trained to complete support in Italy and across Europe
  • Projects and solutions for every need
  • Exclusive contracts for more fittings and discounts on prices


Via Pizzo Camino 47, 24060 Chiuduno (BG)
Tel. +39 035 4427228
Fax. +39 035 4427225


Zona Industriale 72021 Francavilla (BR)
Tel. +39 0831 843640
Fax. +39 0831 843640

Responsabili di servizio

Sig. Lorenzo Entradi
Responsabile Commerciale